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Today sees the launch of a renewed effort from a coalition of organisations to keep tar sands out of Europe.

As the Fuel Quality Directive nears its final stages, the importance of standing strong against the highly polluting tar sands industry is paramount. We will not let Canadian lobbyists and oil industry apologists weaken our climate policies.

Just this morning it was announced that Canada is ‘dispatching’ two more lobbyists to try and weaken the Fuel Quality Directive and remove the crucial default value for tar sands, which could have such a profound effect on the industry’s future.

But we have our own messengers, bringing the suppressed truths to our corridors of power. Indigenous leader George Poitras will be arriving in the UK on 3rd October, after visiting The Netherlands and France. As former chief of the Mikisew Cree First Nation and resident of Fort Chipewyan, George has been one of the most prominent Indigenous voices speaking out about the devastating local impacts of tar sands extraction, particularly on First Nation communities’ health and traditions. George will be speaking at an open event in Parliament, hosted by Simon Hughes MP.

Today we are also launching a new e-action. Click here to ask your MP to tell the government to support the inclusion of tar sands in the FQD!

In this final stage of a long-winded battle, this website will provide a much needed portal to the facts and politics of the FQD, collecting technical briefings, news clippings and campaign updates in one place.

To download a concise pdf summarising the majority of the information on this website, click here.