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Tar Sands: To the Ends of the Earth is a moving, new 30-minute film from Friends of the Earth Europe, which joins the dots between the FQD, the struggle against tar sands in Canada, and the next potential frontier for tar sands development, Madagascar.

There are a number of excellent briefings on the technicalities of the FQD:

This backgrounder answers some frequently asked questions about how the FQD could affect Canada’s tar sands sector and overall efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels.

This detailed study examines the potential economic and environmental impacts of implementing the proposed tar sands value in the FQD. It shows the effect would be equal to removing up to 7 million cars from Europe’s roads.

This briefing shows that there is a very clear distinction between the GHG intensities of natural bitumen and conventional crudes in the vast majority of production. The life cycle GHG emissions intensity of tar sands ranges from around 12 to 40 per cent higher than the average intensity of conventional fuels.

For more information on Canada and the oil industry’s aggressive lobbying offensive, see:

Some fuel from tar sands is already coming to Europe. Find out more:

To find out more about tar sands, and the impacts on Indigenous communities, see:

For more detailed reports debunking the idea of ‘sustainable’ tar sands, see:

This report examines, and counters, some common claims about the environmental performance of tar sands producers and the environmental impacts of tar sands production.

This study exposes the myth of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the tar sands, finding it to have no serious ability to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions any time this side of 2050.