Keep Tar Sands Out of Europe

Letter to Susan Kramer on the Fuel Quality Directive

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On Tuesday, nine organisations who are part of the Keep tar sands out of Europe coalition sent the following letter to the new Minister of State for Transport, Susan Kramer. It urges her to act now to keep tar sands oil out of Europe by supporting the implementation of the Fuel Quality Directive, which would label tar sands and other unconventional fuels as more polluting than conventional oil and discourage their use in Europe. The full text of the letter, and signatories, is below. You can help put pressure on…read more


Some advice for the new minister for tar sands

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Last week, there was a government reshuffle, and the minister responsible for the UK’s position on the EU Fuel Quality Directive changed. Gone was Norman Baker, with whom we had had two frustratingly unproductive meetings in recent weeks. Now the task lies with the Lib Dems’ new Minister of State for Transport, Baroness Kramer. The change in personnel comes at a make-or-break-moment. Either the FQD will soon be implemented, sending a hugely important message that there is no place for dirty tar sands oil in Europe’s fuel mix, or the…read more